Our goal is for our kids to become socially confident and to lead healthy and successful lives.

Physical Development – Martial Arts Training: Self-Defense Applications, Cardio Exercise, Strength Training, Coordination Drills, Gymnastics and more.

Social Development – Positive and inclusive environment with progressive peers and instructors. Developing confidence through positive self-esteem exposure and building character with Sun Hang Do’s life skill lessons.

Cognitive Development – Team building exercises, mind and body unification exercises, verbal and physical performance in front of peers.

Sun Hang Do’s Kids Life Skills Club… The complete child care, extra-curricular activity, structure, development of the whole child, family atmosphere, friends and fun!"

Sun Hang Do's Kids Life Skills Club provides fully-licensed child care for kids grades K-5, providing morning and afternoon care with transportation to and from school.

(Before & After School Child Care Program)

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