Our leadership program is a step by step program for members to hone and develop important life skills such as; confidence, people skills, decision making and compassion for others. This program is essential for any student wanting to take their personal development to the next level.


G.O.A.L TEAM    - Goal of Achieving Leadership

The first step on your path to being a leader in Sun Hang Do. You will gain valuable leadership experience in a positive and exciting atmosphere.


S.T.O.R.M TEAM   - Special Team of Role Models

Continuing to train and learn with your fellow team members, you will build character, confidence, and set a good example for others.


C.R.A.N.E TEAM    - Confident, Responsible Achievers Nearing Excellence

Having attained a high level of leadership ability, your are now skilled in leading students to achieving their goals in a confident and exciting manner.



Connect the skills you have gained throughout your leadership team training and become a part of the group of world class Instructors. Instructor Club is your final path of becoming an Instructor in Sun Hang Do!